Wine festival in Bardolino

The very best in enjoyable wines meets cuisine

Festa dell’Uva e del Vino – feast & enjoy yourself at the wine festival in Bardolino. This exceptional festival has for more than three quarters of a century been bringing together tradition, pleasure and cultural highlights on the eastern banks of Lake Garda.

Every year the contemplative little town of Bardolino right at Lake Garda and very close to our Hotel Orione inspires over 100,000 guests from all countries between the end of September and start of October with exquisite wines from the region and local specialities like risotto, fish, griddled fish with polenta and other tasty treats.

Along a superb promenade between Punta Mirabello and Punta Cornicello you get to sample foods at the countless stands and enjoy the best quality and unique cuisine, in keeping with sustainability and tradition.

Festa dell’Uva e del Vino: enjoy regional specialities with some delicious wines

At the wine festival in Bardolino you get to sample wines with the winegrowers themselves and are guaranteed to get some first-hand interesting information. Like every year, the stars of the festival will be to the fore again - Bardolino Classico and Bardolino Chiaretto.

As well as a delicious range of foods and natural wines the Grape and Wine festival also impresses with numerous events and the finale of the event is a huge fireworks display.

More information can be found on the event organiser’s homepage Bardolino Top. Taste, sample and enjoy yourself on the picturesque lakeside promenade at Lake Garda – the wine festival in Bardolino.