A holiday in the mountains & at the lake

Charming hotels in the best location in South Tyrol and at Lake Garda

Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
A variety-filled holiday Italy’s northern regions.

The natural surroundings of the Alps with their many facets & the Italian Riviera at picturesque Lake Garda - Alpine Spa Resorts combine the best of both worlds. An incomparable holiday mood. Natural beauty. Regional cuisine for gourmet palates and low-key holiday pleasure in the best outdoor locations. Discover the multi-faceted holiday realm of hotels in South Tyrol  and at Lake Garda, which provide bespoke experiences for a range of guests and for individual preferences.

Hotels in South Tyrol. Mediterranean. Alpine. Close to nature.

A holiday in the Ahrntal Valley gives you a feel for the inspiration these unspoilt natural surroundings provide, as you dive into an Alpine realm, experience authentic hospitality and regional gourmet cuisine – and are motivated by the breath-taking natural landscapes in this valley of three-thousand metre mountains. Discover a selection of very special hotels in South Tyrol  which combine Alpine adventure with peace & tranquillity, coupled with authentic hospitality and the charm of an exceptional experience, gourmet-packed region.

Places of yearning: Hotels right at Lake Garda.

Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Lake Garda, in the best location alongside its banks. Stroll through charming villages, sample delicious local foods and relax by the lake as the gentle waves shimmer in the setting sun. Whether it is enjoying water sports, mountain hikes or indulging, at Lake Garda you get to experience a unique blend of Mediterranean style and impressive natural surroundings. Lake Garda is more than just a holiday destination, it provides a unique take on life, something which has made the region a dream destination for many generations.

Discover hotels in South Tyrol & at Lake Garda.
What best suits your holiday reveries?

Breath-taking views to the majestic mountains, or gentle glistening of the lake? Find your own personal retreat in a room or suite in an Alpine Spa Resort. Your nature-loving hotels in South Tyrol and at Lake Garda.

Whatever it is you yearn for during your holiday, you will find it in Alpine Spa Resort hotels in South Tyrol and at Lake Garda.

Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Mountain air and encounters in nature: sporty or pleasure-oriented activities.

Invigorating mountain air, water fresh from the source, fantastic temperatures and mountains wherever you look enable you to get a feel for the elementary power in the lushest & most water abundant valley in Italy. Or explore the natural surroundings around Lake Garda while hiking and mountain biking. Waterfalls, woodlands, blossoming Alpine meadows and the sun on your face. During your holiday in Alpine Spa Resorts you become part of the impressive natural backdrop. Here you hike in the tracks of unspoilt landscapes, discover the charm of traditional Alpine inns & Italian villages and are enchanted by the majestic tranquillity of the three-thousand metre mountains.

Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Find balance in the tranquillity of the mountains in the Ahrntal valley.

In selected Alpine Spa Resort hotels the ancient principles of Yoga combine with tranquillity and breath-taking natural surroundings. Let yourself be guided through Asanas and breathing techniques by experienced Yoga instructors in our unique hotels in South Tyrol, to strengthen and calm body and mind alike. Our carefully devised Yoga experiences create a retreat of calm deep within, inviting you to find yourself again in the impressive Ahrntal valley mountains.

Feel how body, mind and soul unite in harmonious accord in:
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Ahrntal valley. Sporty, snow-blessed & pleasure-filled.

Whether it is skiing on 76 kilometres of top-notch pistes, romantic horse-drawn carriage rides or action-packed days of cross-country skiing and tobogganing – a winter holiday here is versatile and unforgettable. Our hotels in South Tyrol are in an ideal, beneficial location for your ski holiday. Either really close to the cable cars, the ski bus stops, or with a specific VIP ski transfer that takes you conveniently, at any time, to the Klausberg & Speikboden ski areas.

With these hotels in South Tyrol you will be spending your ski holiday in the best location:
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Garden, whirlpool & private beach at the banks of Lake Garda.

Italian dolce vita and sun-filled ease surround Hotel Orione at Lake Garda, where Italian charm meets relaxing holiday moments in the best location. In your Italian villa with private beach on the banks of Lake Garda and a separate garden, you enjoy a stay in the elegant atmosphere beneath our olive trees. Be pampered by exquisite Mediterranean cuisine on the sun terrace which has lake views.

A hidden gem on the banks of Lake Garda:
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Cuisine & Ambience – an Italian gourmet journey.

In Alpine Spa Resorts culinary journeys are waiting for you, ranging from regional specialities to creative flavour compositions. The use of hand-selected, local ingredients and the symbiosis of Alpine and Mediterranean cuisine promise pleasure-filled variety – no matter which one of our hotels in South Tyrol and at Lake Garda you choose. From the highlights of culinary finesse to tried and proven traditional cuisine. Always in a stimulating ambience. In the mountains of the Alps or with the gentle waves of picturesque Lake Garda in front of you.

Indulgence, wholly in keeping with your taste in these hotels in South Tyrol & at Lake Garda:
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Natural strength & skin care in selected hotels in South Tyrol.

The spa and wellness areas in our exclusive hotels in South Tyrol pamper with the finest essences in pure, sublime forms. Stylish sauna landscapes and outdoor pools under the South Tyrol sunshine. Steam baths and spa gardens for unlimited pleasure-filled strolls. Enjoy treatments tailored to your needs and let our experts whisk you away, delving into the secrets of Alpine beauty care and traditional expertise. From refreshing spa rituals to invigorating beauty treatments.

Your journey into a realm of well-being as well as inner and outer beauty begins in:
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Events, celebrations & incentives in picturesque Ahrntal valley.

In our most exclusive hotels in South Tyrol we emphasize your events. Whether they are business events, celebrations or incentives – we employ the highest professionalism and have a feel for what is special. Here, in the midst of the picturesque backdrop of the Ahrntal valley, your ideas and visions find an inspiring setting, supported by state-of-the-art technology, excellent service and unique cuisine, transforming your events into unforgettable moments. Rounded off by top-notch evening offers and stylish wellness & beauty worlds.

You will find a special setting for special moments here:
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Alpin Spa Resorts. Sustainable hotels in South Tyrol.

Alpine Spa Resorts embody sustainability in a wide variety of areas – from carefully selected organically produced food, to the use of environmentally-friendly skin care products and future-oriented energy solutions, such as biomass heating plants and LED lighting. In the avoidance of packaging and an awareness of resources, we are advocates for sustainable and environmentally-friendly hotels.

A holiday that not only does you good, but is good for nature too:

Pictures & Inspirations: Hotels in South Tyrol & at Lake Garda

Atmospheric moments: from the snow-covered summits of the Ahrntal valley, to the sun-blessed banks of Lake Garda. Experience hotels in South Tyrol in pictures.

Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda
Discover hotels South Tyrol & hotels at Lake Garda