Spa Resort South Tyrol

Moments of pure pleasure. In realms of well-being

Be inspired in a realm which has new and undiscovered things in store. One which reveals nature’s loveliest secrets and in so doing provides enchantment and intrigue, tempting you into a kingdom where things blossom and sparkle - providing amazement in South Tyrol’s Ahrntal Valley in summer and winter alike. Taking your breath away and rewarding you with endless liberating pinnacle moments – and at Italy’s Lake Garda touching your heart and soul with the ease of just being.

Discover the home of cordiality, from Italian joie de vivre and genuine South Tyrolean hospitality. Of relaxation. Of tranquillity and an ambience of well-being which makes the power of nature and the luxury of free time something you can feel in a very special way.

Discover hotels which have character; charisma and wonderful attention to details. With courteous, attentive service. With largesse. With superb sun terraces. With stylish restaurants. With excellent regional cuisine. And a comfortable stay which promises starlit nights and romance.

Find a realm to enjoy time together. For families and loved ones. For friends. For gourmets and sports-minded explorers. For those who have an interest in culture and those who want to get to know the land and the people. Always at first hand, always in a central location for adventure and yet always so wonderfully close to nature. So connected with the region. So authentic and genuine. So stirring in every encounter and impressive from the very first moment.

Discover the exceptional. Discover our Alpine Spa Resorts for your holiday in the Ahrntal Valley and at Lake Garda.