Monte Baldo cable car

Unique panoramic enjoyment

Surprisingly different – Monte Baldo cable car is one of a kind in the world in terms of its architecture and design and provides spectacular panoramic enjoyment in exclusive rotating cabins. Built in 2002, it is a work of art featuring state-of-the-art technology and has a perfect structure in terms of its futuristic design.

In just 10 minutes – starting from the valley station in Malcesine – you get to the summit of Monte Baldo, Tratto Spino and can enjoy some unforgettable sights high above the azure blue Lake Garda. In two sections you proceed up over 1700 metres altitude and get to gaze in wonder at the scenery in this unique way.

360° rotation & 1760 metres altitude in 10 minutes. The Monte Baldo cable car

The cable car barely reaches the S. Michele intermediate station when something special happens – state-of-the-art cabins slowly rotate around 360°, providing an open view to the dreamy backdrop. You get to enjoy breath-taking views from a completely new perspective and will some fantastically memorable moments high above Lake Garda.

Having reached the top you get to start off on a wonderful hike, hovering through the air while paragliding or celebrating during a downhill adventure.

200 car parking spaces at the valley station and barrier-free access ensure maximum comfort. You too can discover one of the most popular and best attractions near our hotel at Lake Garda: the Monte Baldo cable car.