Lessinia National Park

Tradition. Culture. Natural landscape

Lessinia Park, home to edelweiss and gentian, of Alpine splendour and sporty variety. Here in the unique region of Lessinia, the region of the Cimbrian people, tradition, culture, history and original naturalness define a tantalising excursion destination – mountain bikers, hikers and those in search of relaxation hold the uniqueness of this incomparable backdrop in high regard and are always following the idyllic trails which, among others, lead to the traditional natural ice stores in Cerro, Parco delle Cascate waterfall park in Molina, to the world-renowned Fossil museum in Bolca and to six other interesting museums. Mysterious stone villages, historic churches and adventurous natural bridges are what make this nature park an incomparable entity.

Lessinia nature park – experience intrinsic beauty

Lessinia nature park is a unique and relaxing place. Exotic plants, broad meadows, dense woodland, rocky sections, wine growing areas and olive groves compete for visitor’s attention. In terms of cuisine this area is unique too. Delicious liqueurs are obtained from the fruits of the nut and cherry trees, countless olive groves provide the typically mild olive oil of the region and a very special cheese, Formaggio Monte Veronese DOP, originates here. Nestling in the famed Soave and Valpolicella wine growing areas, Lessinia National Park is a realm full of surprises.

Popular hiking routes:

  • Breonio – Molina – Gorgusello – Breonio/around 3 hours
  • Breonio – Grotta del Semalo – Masi di Sopra – Breonio/around 2 ½ hours
  • Breonio – Monte Crocetta – Monte Pastelletto – Breonio/ around 2 ½ hours

Mountain bike tours:

  • Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo – Fosse – Vallene – Borozzo – Sant’Anna: 12 kilometres, 480 metres altitude
  • Bosco Chiesanuova – Masselli – Croce – Bosco: 15 kilometres, 510 metres altitude
  • Giazza – Biovo del Corno – Malga Lobbia – Giazza: 18 kilometres, 1170 metres altitude
  • Cerro Veronese – Foldrina – Prati – Cerro: 13 kilometres, 400 metres altitude